Episode 253 – Astro Hustle: Jai Nitz Interview

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Time to enroll in the Umbrella Academy from Netflix!  Hear our review of Season 1 of this new Dark Horse Comics adaptation. (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

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Nerd News

  • Fils-A-Void - Reggie Fils-Aime retires as President of Nintendo of America & his replacement is named.
  • Busted - Jason Reitman angered fans with a recent statement about Ghostbuster and Paul Feig responded.
  • DC Lite - DC Comics may be cutting back their line.

Feature Interview

Let's head to Studio 54 in space! We're talking to writer and creator Jai Nitz of a cool new Dark Horse Comics book, Astro Hustle. Hear about all of the things that Jai has planned for the series, how he discovered the artist for the book and a lot of great callbacks to some things in nerd culture that we all know and love. Once you know more about Astro Hustle, you'll want to grab it at your local comic book shop on March 6th!

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