Episode 251 – Oberon: Ryan Parrott Interview

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Nerd News

  • Last Legion - FX will end Legion after 3 seasons, but no before welcoming a familiar face.
  • No TV, Ladies - A female led Marvel series is not moving forward at ABC.
  • 2nd Dagger - Cloak & Dagger announces their Season 2 return.
  • Red vs Red - Batwoman finds her TV foe.
  • Red Light - The Red Sonja movie is on hold, for now.
  • Nickflix? - Nickelodeon is teaming with Netflix for 2 movies.
  • Muppet Stream - Could the Muppets make a comeback on Disney+?

Feature Interview

We're opening you up to a brand new fantasy world this week! Hear us talk to writer and creator of Oberon, Ryan Parrott! Here him talk all about his new AfterShock Comics series, what influenced Oberon himself and even a few spoilers along the way! Get Issue 1 of Oberon at your local comic book shop and digital retailers!

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