Ep 241 – Livewire: Vita Ayala Interview

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Nerd News

  • The Doctor Is Out - There may be a shake-up behind the scenes of Doctor Who.
  • Bootleg Devil - Adi Shankar has announced his next anime project in the video game realm.
  • Don't Cry For Lex - An Emmy Award winner has been cast to play Lex Luthor on Supergirl.
  • In Their League - Marvel and Riot Games are teaming up to bring League of Legends to comics.

Feature Interview

One of the most powerful heroes in the Valiant Universe is FINALLY getting her own comic series! Hear us talk to writer Vita Ayala about putting Livewire into the spotlight. We talk about the character's place in the world of comic book heroes, what is coming up for the series, the great artists on the book and some things that have happened in Livewire's past. Get all the info you need before the book comes out on December 19th!

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