Ep 238 – Outpost Zero: Sean Kelley McKeever & Alexandre Tefenkgi Interviews

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We had a lot of streaming to do this week!  Hear our SPOILER FILLED reviews of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina & Castlevania Season 2 from Netflix.

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  • Long Night Ahead - The first Game of Thrones prequel has been announced.
  • Which Witcher? - The first look at Geralt from The Witcher Netflix series is revealed.
  • Play Soldier - A Marvel limited series on Disney Play scores a writer.
  • Masked Jedi - Ewan McGregor gets cast as the villain in Birds of Prey.

Feature Interview

This week we're stuck in the Outpost! Hear us talk to writer Sean Kelley McKeever and artist Alexandre Tefenkgi about Volume 1 of Outpost Zero from Skybound and Image Comics. How would they feel if they were in the Outpost? How do they bring a small town feel to such a vast world? They talk about that and so much more! Outpost Zero Vol. 1 comes out on November 7th!

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