Ep 236 – Legends of Tomorrow Season 4: Cast & Producer Interviews

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This Week In Geektainment - Movie & TV Reviews

It's ANOTHER triple dose of Geektainment this week!  Get SPOILER FILLED reviews of the premieres of Supergirl Season 4, the Charmed reboot and Arrow Season 7!

Nerd News

  • Flash Back - The Flash movie gets delayed, and some casting changes could be coming to DC Films.
  • Crossover Scenery - A familiar sight for Superman fans may be coming to the  Arrowverse crossover.
  • Broken Fist - Iron Fist is the first Marvel Netflix series to be cancelled.
  • Dead Tired - Hear about the long hours that were worked by the Red Dead Redemption 2 team.
  • Quick Nerd Notes - Dracula Miniseries Coming To BBC, Pennyworth Casting News, Alias Getting Rebooted

Feature Interview

This week we're taking a magical trip through time! We're jumping back to SDCC to our chat with the cast and producers of DC's Legends of Tomorrow! Hear us talk to Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Amaya), Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory), Keto Shimizu (Exec. Producer), Nick Zano (Nate Heywood) and Phil Klemmer (Exec. Producer) about all of the crazy things that will be happening when the show premieres on Monday, October 22nd!

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