Ep 226 – Low Road West: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Interview

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  • Welcome Back, Captain - Patrick Stewart returns to Star Trek in a new series.
  • Ruby Bats - Batwoman has been cast, and it may just be perfect.
  • Masks On - The villain of the Birds of Prey movie has been revealed.
  • Super Screen Time - Supergirl is headed to the movies.
  • Popularity Contest - The Oscars adds a new category that may be of particular interest.

Feature Interview

Will you survive on the Low Road West? This week we talk to writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson about his new comic book series for Boom! Studios, as well as some of his other work! What were his inspirations for Low Road West? Will they have a similar feel to his work in The Last Sons of America and Warlords of Appalachia? Hear that and more when we talked to him at SDCC this year!