Episode 220 – Judge Dredd Under Siege: Mark Russell Interview

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  • Universe Building - Hear deails of the upcoming DC Universe streaming service.
  • Vampire Jokes - The Morbius Spider-Man spinoff movie is happening, and found it's star.
  • Indy Goes Solo - Indiana Jones 5 makes an interesting choice for it's new script writer.
  • Halo Show - The popular video game franchise is finally getting a series on Showtime.

Feature Interview

Time to take a trip to Mega City One! This week James talks to writer Mark Russell about the new IDW Publishing limited series, Judge Dredd: Under Siege. What was one thing he wanted to make sure he got right in this series? Was injecting humor part of the plan at the start? You can also hear us talk to Mark about a very under used part of Dredd's arsenal. Listen before Issue 2 comes out on July 4th!