Episode 345 – Pennyworth Season 2: Bruno Heller Interview

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This Week In Geektainment

Credit: Brooke Palmer/Hulu

We were snooping around the first season of The Hardy Boys on Hulu.  Did they make their case?  Keep listening for our review of the first season, with just a few spoilers.

Photo Credit:  Brooke Palmer/Hulu

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Nerd News

  • Steam Slate - Warner Bros. Pictures makes a huge announcement about their 2021 movie releases.
  • Director Diggle - David Ramsey is returning to the Arrowverse.
  • Stan Skywalker - We question the fan casting of Sebastian Stan as a popular Star Wars character.
  • #SaveDaredevil - Marvel has the rights to Daredevil back, and we talk about the potential impacts.

Feature Interview

The war for London is on! Season 2 of Pennyworth is coming to EPIX on December 13th, and we're getting you ready by talking to the man who developed the show. Bruno Heller stops by to offer up his insight on what you can expect this upcoming season. He talks about what Alfred is going through, how the Raven Society will impact this season, some political intrigue and much more. WATCH SEASON 2 OF PENNYWORTH BEGINNING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13TH ON EPIX!