Episode 306 – Join The Future: Zack Kaplan Interview

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  • Chick Dig The Car - Matt Reeves reveals his Batmobile for The Batman.
  • HBO At Last - The Last of Us will now be adapted to TV.
  • The Last Spell - The Magicians is ending after five seasons.
  • Double Star - Stargirl FINALLY has a premiere date, times two.
  • No Corona - We give a statement regarding our coverage of coronavirus related news in nerd culture.

Feature Interview

The future is now! We're talking to writer Zack Kaplan about his new story, Join The Future from AfterShock Comics. How does he blend both a future society and a western lifestyle? What future tropes did he want to avoid? What can he tell us about Clementine Libbey? Hear all of this, and an update on his TV projects as well! JOIN THE FUTURE #1 IS AVAILABLE NOW!