Episode 304 – Nebula & Marvel Voices: Vita Ayala Interview

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Nerd News

  • Cry For Help - Green Arrow & The Canaries might not be a sure bet for pilot season.
  • Shrinking Feeling - Brandon Routh updates why he is leaving DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Bronze Age of TV - Doc Savage moves from a movie adaptation to a TV series.
  • LinkedIn-fo - News of a Diablo anime and Overwatch animated series was found out in a very unique way.
  • Heading For The Border - A Borderlands movie is coming with a familiar director.

Feature Interview

Whether we're traveling the galaxy, hearing voices or have a license to kill, we picked the right guest this week! Hear us talk to writer Vita Ayala about a TON of amazing comics. We star with Nebula, talk about Marvel Voices and even throw in some eye opening James Bond talk in there as well. The first issues of both Nebula and Marvel Voices are available from Marvel Comics right now!

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