Episode 303 – Batwoman Season 1: Camrus Johnson Interview

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It's an amazing DOUBLE REVIEW week!  We start out with our SPOILER FILLED review of the Birds of Prey movie!  We follow that up with a SPOILER-ish review of Locke & Key Season 1 from Netflix!

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Nerd News

  • Cowl Testing - We finally got a look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit from The Batman.
  • Batman Returns? - Batman: The Animated Series will return to the comics world.
  • Never Say Die? - A (sort of) Goonies reboot might be in the works.
  • Good Bad Ideas - A new publisher is coming with some very familiar names.

Feature Interview

Who will survive this Valentine's Day weekend in Gotham? This week we're talking to Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox, about what's happening on Batwoman! He gives some insight into the Beth/Alice mystery, connections that Luke has with both Kate and Mary, who he would most like to work with from the Arrowverse and SO MUCH more. Yes, we do ask him the Batwing question! WATCH BATWOMAN EVERY SUNDAY AT 8PM ET ON THE CW AND AGAIN ON THE CW APP!

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

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