Episode 270 – Krypton Season 2: Shaun Sipos Interview

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Nerd News

  • Spider-Abrams - J.J. Abrams and his son Henry are writing Spider-Man.
  • Dark Days - A Hunger Games prequel novel is coming next year.
  • Money Game - Avengers: Endgame is returning to theaters.
  • Trailer Talk - Stranger Things Season 3 (final trailer)

Feature Interview

It's a Strange week on the Down And Nerdy Podcast! We're talking to Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange) about Season 2 of Krypton from Syfy! He talks to us about Adams friendship with Seg, the addition of Lobo and the show's unpredictability. Also, is Adam the key to stopping Doomsday? We ask him that and so much more! Watch Krypton Wednesdays at 10pm on Syfy!



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