Episode 268 – The InBetween: Harriet Dyer Interview

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Nerd News

  • Hall Pass - WB Pictures is skipping Hall H at SDCC this year.
  • Camping World - Netflix is bringing Jurassic World to animation with Camp Cretaceous.
  • Deadly Moves - Syfy cancels Deadly Class and Happy! in the same week.
  • Draining The Swamp - DC Universe cancels Swamp Thing, and we talk about more rumors.

Feature Interview

Are you having visions? Maybe you've seen NBC's The InBetween and you want more. We've got you covered this week when we talk to Harriet Dyer who plays Cassie Bishop on the show! Hear her talk about those visions, how much of a toll this is taking on Cassie, her family dynamic and much more. Plus, find out which song gives Harriet the creeps! WATCH THE INBETWEEN EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 1OPM ON NBC!


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