Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Movie May Have A Director

After the Shazam! movie, a lot of fans were immediately calling for a sequel (and rightfully so.)  One of his greatest foes might just end up beating him to the box office.  It seems like an eternity ago that Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam, in a very no specific way.  We then found out the character would be getting his own movie, and now it looks like that has taken one giant step toward reality.

A report from Variety says that Jaume Collet-Serra is in negotiations to direct the upcoming movie.  You may remember that Collet-Serra is also working with Johnson on Disney's Jungle Cruise, which will release in July of 2020.  Collet-Serra's other credits include The Commuter, Non-Stop and other non-Liam Nesson related movies.  Adam Sztykiel (Rampage) wrote the latest draft of the movie, which will be produced by Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, and Beau Flynn.  There is no word on whether or not the script would be re-written with a new director.  Really the only thing we DO know about the plan for the Black Adam movie, is that he will be portrayed as an anti-hero.  With so few details, I would say that nothing is set in stone.

Shazam! made a ton of money, and while we can't be sure of any direct connection to that first movie, you can imagine that the two characters would eventually meet on screen.  You also have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who is a proven box office star and sure to draw plenty of eye to a Black Adam movie that would not be interested otherwise.  Regardless, Black Adam has always been a very interesting character with plenty of stories of his own to tell.  There had been previous reports by The Hashtag Show that Hawkman would be involved in the movie, as well as a few other DC characters.  Any time you hire a new director, any and all plans could be changed.  Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros. or DC, so all we can do is wait in see.

Are you excited for the Black Adam movie?  Who would you like to see join Dwayne Johnson's title character in this first movie?

(Photo Credit: DC Comics Justice Society of America Vol. 3 #23/Alex Ross)

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