‘Dune’ Part 2 Officially Confirmed

Spice will continue to flow. If you already watched the new Dune movie, you know that the final moments are very open ended. The assumption was that the story would be told in two parts. That had been director Denis Villeneuve’s vision from the start. It looked like that might be in jeopardy because of the day of theatrical/HBO Max release plan.

After all of the sharp words and frustration, there is good news to share. Legendary has announced that Part 2 of Dune is indeed happening. They even took to social media to celebrate the news.

Once again, Legendary will team with Warner Bros. Entertainment for this next (and possibly final) chapter of this big screen story. One of the aspects of this deal was the assurance that Dune would release exclusively in theaters, with no day to date HBO Max release. That should be no surprise, and will likely start to become the norm again in 2022. Box office and streaming number seem to suggest that most fans actually did prefer to experience Dune on the big screen.

The final piece of news is the release date. Part 2 of Dune will be released (tentatively) on October 20, 2023. That likely means that the start of production would have to begin very soon in order to make thst date. For now, put your breathers in and relax. This story will get it’s proper conclusion. Then, who knows where things may go.

If any updates do come along, we’ll have them for you.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary