‘Debris’ Lands It’s First Teaser & Maybe A Premiere Date

I feel like it was about a year ago at this same time that NBC first told us about the upcoming series, Debris.  The series from Fringe creator/producer J.H. Wyman would be dealing with a crashed alien craft and the strange occurrences that would later surround it.  Well since 2020 was 2020, we didn't get many updates after that first reveal and a few photos.  Fast forward a year, and we now have a teaser.  Let's take a look:

I'll admit, it's not much, but it's just enough to give you that eerie vibe.  Plus we finally get to see a little bit more from series stars Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele.  The footage, shown at a recent TCA virtual event, also revealed a premiere date of Monday, March 1st at 10pm ET.

Given how much Wyman loves the sci-fi genre, expect some very interesting twists and ideas for this upcoming season.  Unfortunately, even after the TCA panel, little is still known about Debris.  Part of me feels like that might actually be a good thing.  How often do you go into a show after seeing a bunch of trailers and getting all kind of information.  Part of the appeal of this show is the mystery within it's story.  So why reveal too much?

Will you be watching the premiere of Debris?  Keep checking back for our continued coverage and our review.

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC