‘Deathstroke’ Is Coming To CW Seed Way Earlier Than Expected

Remember that Deathstroke series that was surprisingly announced by The CW? Well, we don’t have to wait much longer. CW Seed took to Instagram to announce the premiere date for the Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons animated series:

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#Deathstroke is coming. Stream free on January 6 only on CW Seed.

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In case you didn’t notice that’s this Monday. We went from no news to here it is very quickly, didn’t we? Still, there is reason to be excited about this animated series. Vixen went well, but they did slip up a bit with the incomplete Constantine: City of Demons on CW Seed. This series will not be part of the Arrowverse, so the pressure is off there.

The series stars Michael Chiklis as the voice of Deathstroke, Griffin Puato as Jericho, Faye Mata as Rose, Chris Jai Alex as Jackal, Sasha Alexander as Addie, Colin Salmon as Wintergreen and Panta Mosleh as Lady Shiva. Check back on Monday for the premiere on CW Seed.

Photo Credit: CW Seed