DC Universe To Become DC Universe Infinite, Turns Focus To Comics

After years of rumors, commentary and endless opinions, the fate of the DC Universe streaming service has finally been revealed. Call it a re-branding if you want, more like addition by subtraction. That also gives long time fans something they have been requesting for a long time: more comics.

DC Universe becomes DC Universe Infinite in January of 2021. The service will move away from scripted programming to focus on what brought them to the dance. The service will boast more than 24,000 titles at launch. This will also include digital first titles. New titles will be available six months after their physical release. Think of it as waiting for the trade. There will also be stories published exclusively for the service.

Subscribers will be happy to know that the community area will remain. There will also be exclusive events for members, once that kind of thing is actually possible again. If you’re already a member, you won’t even need a new account. If you want the original programming, subscribers can add HBO Max for $4.99 per month until October 30th. HBO Max just renewed Harley Quinn too, so that alone is worth the price of admission. Don’t forget Season 3 of both Titans and Doom Patrol coming up as well.

International subscribers usually get left out in the cold when things like this happen. Good news is, we already know that DC Universe Infinite will be available overseas in the Summer of 2021. The only catch is, it looks like the days of reading on your TV are over. Bottom line is, that is quite the library of titles for fans to have access to on multiple devices. Pair that with the ability to read offline, and it’s hard to see a lot of flaws in the new service. If the TV series are a deal breaker for you, then you do have an opinion. Quite frankly, this is probably what DC Universe should have been all along.

I’m sure there will be more details closer to the launch date.

Photo Credit: DC Comics