DC Super Hero Girls Get New GN For It’s New Animated Series

In case you missed it, Cartoon Network unveiled their new DC Super Hero Girls animated series this past week.  We learned at SDCC 2018 that the show would be moving on from it's previous format and launching something new.  You can hear our interviews with the cast and producers here.  Now, it looks like they will be doing the same with the graphic novels under the DC Zoom umbrella.

Writer Amy Wolfram will be taking over with DC Super Hero Girls At Metropolis High set to drop on October 15th of this year.  Wolfram will be joined by artist Yancey Labat, who is no stranger to DC Super Hero Girls.  If Wolfram's name sounds familiar, she has worked on some of the animated shorts for the show in the past, as well as some work with Teen Titans GO!  This particular story will follow Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee and Zatanna as they try to balance their superhero duties with their extracurricular activities.

This also signals that original DC Super Hero Girls all everything creator Shea Fontana will be officially moving on from the series.  She released this statement via social media:

I have personally talked to Shea on a couple of occasions, and think that her contribution to this project cannot be understated.  This initiative could never have gotten as far as it did, and been successful as it was, without Shea Fontana.  At the same time, the show and graphic novels are clearly trying to grow with the audience that was created under Fontana.  DC Zoom being more of a middle-grade imprint, it appears that maybe it was time for a change.  Fontana also seems to be off to other projects, which we will certainly keep you posted on.

DC Super Hero Girls at Metropolis High will be available for pre-order soon!  Click here to set an Amazon reminder for yourself or to pre-order now.