DC Comics Reveals The Identity Of ‘The Next Batman’ Coming In Future State

We were told that this was coming.  John Ridley more than hinted that Batman would be a person of color in DC Future State: The Next Batman.  Given the current story, you figured that meant the character would come from the Fox family.  It turns out that it might not be the Fox that you expected.

In the reveal of a new variant cover for Issue 2, DC Comics also revealed that The Next Batman will be Tim Fox. Before we dive into that, I don't want to bypass the great art here from Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez. Tim Fox has been teased in recent issues of Batman, and it's clear now that there was a big reason for that.  So if you're wondering who Tim Fox is, you might be surprised at how long the character has actually been around.

Tim Fox actually made his first appearance in Batman #313 in April of 1979.  If you remember back to that issue, Tim and Lucius weren't exactly getting along well.  That fact was also brought up recently in Batman #101, so almost 40 years later that aspect of the character is still a part of the story.  Given that, his journey to becoming the Caped Crusader is sure to be an interesting one.

DC Future State: The Next Batman begins in January, and will also have several back-up stories to keep you entertained.  For more on DC Future State, go here.

Photo Credit: DC Comics