Dark Horse Comics Announces New Stranger Things Title

It seems like the wait for Season 3 of Stranger Things is taking forever. Luckily, Dark Horse has done a nice job filling that void with their Stranger Things comic book series. Now it looks like we will be diving even deeper into the world of the successful Netflix series.

Today, Dark Horse announced a new title that will focus on another subject of Project MKUltra. You know about Eleven, now it’s time to get to know Six. In the press release, we’re told the story follows Francine, a teenage girl with precognition. She’s struggled through a lifetime of exploitation: first by her parents, then by Dr. Brenner of Hawkins Laboratory. Dr. Brenner wants to harness her powers as well as those of the other gifted children that they hold captive at the lab. Wracked by increasingly disturbing visions, she sees an opportunity to change her life. But at what cost?
Writer Jody Houser returns and will be joined by penciller Edgar Salazar (Constantine, Smallville), inker Keith Champagne (JSA, Superboy), colorist Triona Farrell (Mech Cadet Yu, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and letterer Nate Piekos (Fight Club 3, Doctor Star & The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows) for this new journey. Covers will also be provided by Aleksi Bricolt, Kyle Lambert, and David Mack.

Stranger Things: Six #1 will begin it’s limited, four issue run on May 29th. The trade for the initial series goes on sale April 30th, and there will also be a Stranger Things story offered on Free Comic Book Day on May 4th. Who is ready to get their Stranger Things fix?