Dan Didio Exits DC

It is the end of a very long era. ComicBook.com was first to report that DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio is no longer with the company. Multiple outlets have confirmed this with DC, but there has been no official press release from the company as of yet.

Didio has been part of plenty of hits and misses over the years. There was 52, The New 52, Rebirth and several others of varying success. It’s interesting to note that this comes just before DC is set to move forward with their next publishing initiative, 5G. How much input did Didio have on that and is that part of the reason for the exit? There are multiple reports that Didio was relieved of his duties, and that this was not an exit by his choice.

Since there has again been no public statement from DC, there is no word on if Jim Lee is now the sole Publisher at DC or if another co-publisher will be added.

Watch for updates here as this develops.

Photo Credit: DC