‘Cruella’ Sequel In Early Development From Disney

It looks like she really is just getting started, darling.  Just two weeks after being released in theaters and on Disney+, The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news that a Cruella sequel is in early development from Disney.  Director Craig Gillespe and screenwriter Tony McNamara are expected to return, and it seems inferred that star Emma Stone would as well.  Based on what I saw during the press conference that I attended for the film, I think Stone would jump at the chance to return.

WARNING!  Potential Cruella spoilers ahead!

If you've already watched Cruella, you know that the film left things very open ended at it's conclusion.  Even the post credit scene, which teased a familiar tune, hinted that there would very much be a future for the "Queen of Mean".  She has only just inherited her new home, and newfound fortune.  You can imagine that the next film would show how she puts that to use and perhaps even how she takes her more sinister turn.

Cruella has grossed $43.7 million at the U.S. box office in only two weeks, not counting what the film has taken in via Disney+ Premier Access.  By today's standards, that seems like quite a success.  I had said in my review on Episode 369 of our podcast that I felt like a sequel would be possible, but I didn't think that the news would break this quickly.  For it's part, Disney has yet to confirm or deny the report.  Keep checking back for updates and an official announcement.

Photo Credit:  Laurie Sparham/Walt Disney Enterprises