Could We See Adam Strange Next Season On ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’?

(WARNING!  May contain spoilers for the Season 5 finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.)

It might seem like January of 2021 is far away, but try being a fan of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.  While the show was the last of the Arrowverse series to wrap it's season, it also typically takes longer to return.  Legends is usually a midseason series, and with everything delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus, it might be almost a calendar year before we see the crew of the Waverider again.  It's one that will certainly look different after this way this past season ended.

We know that Maisie Richardson-Sellers will not be returning to the show for Season 6.  As we saw in the Season 5 finale, Sara Lance appeared to be abducted by aliens.  Who knows when or how we will see her in the upcoming season?  We did know that aliens were coming next season, thanks to a synopsis released by The CW.  We also know that a new crew member will join the Waverider.  I think there is one that makes perfect sense.

If you want to talk about a character with time travel experience, and experience dealing with aliens, it's Adam Strange.  We saw his time travel exploits recently on Syfy's Krypton, but it's certainly not the only example.  He has also had his fair share of adventures in space.  What if the aliens who kidnapped Sara also had a connection to Rann somehow?  Maybe they are planning on trying to destroy the planet and Strange sees this opportunity to use the Legends as allies.

Going back to Krypton for a moment, how perfect would Shaun Sipos (who played Adam Strange on series) fit in with the rest of the Legends crew?  I think he would be perfect, as his portrayal of the character always had a bit of a comedic sense to him, but he also knew how to get the job done.  It's not a completely crazy idea, since Matt Ryan was rescued from the cancellation of Constantine to the Arrowverse.

I know there are some that would love to see a Green Lantern in the mix here, but I just don't see that happening.  HBO Max already has a Green Lantern series in the works, and the character is already rumored to appear in the Snyder Cut in 2021.  I highly doubt DC would double down on Lanterns, even though there are plenty to choose from.  Bottom line is, Adam Strange makes a lot of sense, even if they do end up casting someone new in the role.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow currently does not have a return date, but is expected to enter whatever late midseason schedule is released by The CW.

Photo Credit: Steffan Hill/Syfy