‘Cobra Kai’ Lands At Netflix

In the streaming wars, Netflix will show “no mercy.” Deadline was one of multiple outlets to report that the Cobra Kai series would be moving to the streaming giant. The move comes after Sony Pictures Television was searching for a new home with YouTube moving away from original, scripted programming.

The third season of Cobra Kai has already wrapped filming, and will be released by Netflix at a date to be determined. When talks started, word was that any deal for future seasons would have to include streaming rights to the first two seasons as well. I suspect Netflix will waste little time getting those up for you to play catch up, if need be. With the need for scripted programming at an all time high, I don’t think we’ll have to wait for too long to get a release date.

Netflix was one of the companies in the running for the Cobra Kai series originally. Now that they have the show, the report suggests that future Karate Kid series will be considered. I wouldn’t hold your breath though Hillary Swank fans.

This news comes on the 36th anniversary of the release of The Karate Kid. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it? We will keep you posted on any updates regarding the release.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television