Chip Zdarsky & Ramón K Pérez Bring Horror To Skybound With ‘Stillwater’

Any time I see something described as Gideon Falls meets The Walking Dead, you've got my attention.  That's how Skybound describes the new horror series, Stillwater.  The story comes from the minds of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Ramón K Pérez.

Imagine a town where nobody dies.  That's what is happening in Stillwater, but that might not necessarily be a good thing.  Adding to the intrigue of the story is, that is all we know so far.  Usually we get a longer synopsis, but not this time.  I have to say, I actually kind of like that.

We did get a few thoughts from Chip Zdarsky who said, "I’m thrilled people are finally going to see Stillwater! This idea’s been percolating in my for years now, and it’s been fun working with Ramon to build this tiny, strange world! I’ve always wanted to write a horror comic so I can show the world that I’m not JUST creepy, I can also write creepy!” said Zdarsky. “I love getting to explore immortality on a small stage, the idea that you can live forever but just within such a constrained space. It’s been a treat getting to write characters struggling with that terrifying deal."

Pérez also released a statement saying, “It’s been a joy to step away from the superhero genre and delve into the horror, thriller, and a dash of mystery genre with Chip on Stillwater! I hope readers are as unsettled as I was drawing the book…"

Go to our social media pages to see a few preview pages from the book.  Stillwater will be available at your local comic book shops and digital retailers on September 16, 2020 from Skybound & Image Comics.

Photo Credit: Image Comics