Cherish Chen Talks About Her ‘Radiant Black’ Solo Spinoff ‘Radiant Red’ (INTERVIEW)

If you remember back to Radiant Black #6 from Image Comics, we were introduced to Satomi.  You might know her better as Radiant Red.  Now, with the expansion of the Massive-Verse, Radiant Red now has her own spinoff series from Image Comics.  Returning to write that series is none other than Cherish Chen.

I got a chance to chat with Cherish right before the book came out.  She talked about working with Kyle Higgins to craft Satomi's story, the amazing art team she gets to work with and even teases what's to come in the book.  You can listen to or watch the interview below:

Issue 1 of Radiant Red is now available at your local comic book shops and digital retailers.  Keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit: Down And Nerdy Podcast