‘Batwoman’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Something Mad

It's a trophy hunt gone mad!  You might remember in Season 2 of Batwoman that some of the Bat trophies from various villains had been stolen.  A new trailer for the upcoming third season reveals that the hunt is on to recover them.  We also find out that it's almost time for tea.  See for yourself...

It seems like a long time coming, but The Mad Hatter is finally arriving on Batwoman.  It's important to note that, he wasn't the only villain we either saw featured or teased.  We actually got a good look at Killer Croc, a possible Penguin easter egg and some traces of Poison Ivy.  All of this while Alice is still in the picture.  Sure, she's in custody-ish, but it's hard to imagine that lasting long.  You'll remember Alice also dropped a potential bombshell about Ryan's mother at the end of last season as well.  So, it seems like there will be no shortage of storylines coming up.

Season 3 of Batwoman premieres Wednesday, October 13th at 9pm ET.  Keep checking back for even more coverage as the release gets closer.

Photo Credit: Nino Munoz/The CW