‘Batman 89’, ‘Superman 78’ Getting The Comics Treatment

It's the great debate that has been raging since the dawn of fandom.  Who's your favorite Batman?  Who would you say is your Superman?  For a lot of fans, the answer to those questions are Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeve respectively.  Those movies are iconic to so many fans, and now, those worlds will be brought to life again.

DC Comics has announced that Batman '89 and Superman '78 will be brought back as DC Digital First series.  If there's any bad news, it's that we won't get to see these triumphant returns until July.  So, who do you trust to continue these stories?

You can see the great Batman art from Joe Quinones above.  The story will be told by Sam Hamm.  If that name seems familiar, Hamm was the screenwriter for both Batman and Batman Returns.  The story will not only bring back Catwoman, but will also feature a new Robin.  Remember, there was no Robin in the Burton films, so now we won't have to imagine might have been.  Apparently, we could even see Two Face.

As for Superman '78, that difficult task falls on the shoulders of writer Robert Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres.  Venditti has recently worked on Hawkman, while Torres is no stranger to nostalgia having worked on Batman '66.  This story will, of course, be inspired by Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie.  We'll be taken back to a world where Lois Lane is still unaware that Clark Kent is Superman, and the world is still in awe of the abilities of the Man of Steel.  The question is, which villain could we see try to spoil the magic?

Both stories will be released digitally beginning on July 27th with the first six chapters.  The following six chapters will be released weekly after that.  I know this is something you want in your long box, so there will also be six issues released in print in August and even a hardcover version in October.  More updates are sure to arrive in the coming months.  You should also keep checking back for our reviews.

Photo Credit: DC Comics