Author Serena Valentino On The Not So ‘Cinderella’ Story Of Lady Tremaine In ‘Cold Hearted’ (INTERVIEW)

How does a wicked stepmother become so wicked?  You might have never thought to ask, but there is more to the story of Lady Tremaine than you might realize.  That's the story that author Serena Valentino is aiming to tell in the eighth book in her Disney Villains series, Cold Hearted.

This is definitely not the Cinderella story that you've seen or read about before.  As a matter of fact, you can hear my conversation with Valentino about that from Episode 375 of our podcast.  Find out how she approached the story and if this could get readers looking at Cinderella herself a bit differently.

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Ready to give it a read for yourself?  Cold Hearted is now available wherever books are sold.  Here's where you can get your beautiful hardcover copy from Amazon:

Photo Credit: Disney Press