Arrowverse First: Azie Tesfai Co-Writes A ‘Supergirl’ Episode

There are a lot of talented people in the Arrowverse.  Many actors from various series have directed episodes, in  many cases, for the first time.  Now new ground has been broken once again.  Deadline was first to report that Supergirl actress Azie Tesfai, who plays Kelly Olsen, has co-written an episode of the series.

Tesfai co-wrote the episode with supervising producer J. Holtham.  It will be the twelth episode in the upcoming sixth and final season.  Since the episode happens later in the season, there were no hints provided as to what the episode might be about.  The assumption is that it could be a milestone moment in the relationship of her character Kelly Olsen and Alex Danvers.  Her writing partner, Holtham, has assisted in writing four episodes of the series between 2019 and 2020, according to IMDb.

"I am so grateful to write for Supergirl‘s final season. It’s been such an honor to play Kelly Olsen, a BIPOC and queer character in the DC universe," Tesfai told Deadline. "Working in our amazing writers room and co-writing an episode has been an immensely educational and empowering experience. Writing is such a passion for me and I’m excited to continue on this creative journey."

Apparently this is something that hardly came out of nowhere. According to executive producer Sarah Schechter, "Azie has been an integral part of Supergirl for the past two seasons and when she expressed a desire to write this episode we were thrilled. We couldn’t be more excited or proud. She’s deeply talented and her perspective is a welcome addition."

We might be waiting a while before we see Azie Tesfai's episode.  The final season of Supergirl does not have a premiere date announced yet by The CW.  When that changes, we'll have the update.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW