Arrow Season 8 Adds Another Return Guest Star In Rila Fukushima

In this final season of ‘Arrow’, you knew that we could see quite a few familiar faces return. This time, it’s a character that could be credited with saving Oliver’s life in a past season. Green Arrow TV confirmed at this year’s TCA Summer Tour that Rila Fukushima would reprise her role as Tatsu Yamashiro. Of course, DC Comics fans know the character as Katana.

The real question here is, what version of Tatsu will we see. With ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, all bets are off. Producer James Bamford told us at Comic-Con this year that Prometheus would be returning to the show this season as well, but he would be a bit different. Could the same ring true for the character of Katana, as well. Either way, having someone that saved Oliver’s life (and vice versa) be a part of this story makes a lot of sense.

There has been A LOT of speculation regarding the Crisis crossover, some of which has already been debunked. I have been double and triple checking sources on everything before reporting it either here or on the podcast. I’ll try my best to be a trusted source for this info.

That being said, who else is looking forward to the return of Katana?

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