Amazon Yanks “The Tick” After 2 Seasons

It looks like The Tick won't be saving the world on Amazon again.  The live action adaptation has been canceled by Amazon after two seasons.  Tick creator Ben Edlund took to Twitter to give fans the bad news.

The reboot first premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2016, airing a two part first season.  The second season debuted in April, this time releasing all 10 episodes instead of breaking the season in half.  While Season 1 was full of laughs, a lot of heart and quirky characters, to me Season 2 lacked that same vibe.  Arthur becoming a hero and his unconventional partnership with The Tick made for some great episodes.  This season of discovery did have plenty of heart, but to me lacked the humor that Season 1 had and did not manage to capture the same magic.  That being said, Season 2 was still good, it just didn't hit the bar set by Season 1.  Many shows are guilty of the same thing.

With any cancellation, comes the inevitable social media campaign to save it.  #SaveTheTick has already begun, and Arthur himself isn't ready to give up just yet.  Here is what Griffin Newman had to say:

What do you think, did The Tick deserve a 3rd Season?  Do you want the show to be saved?  We will keep you posted on any updates.

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios