Adam Tsekhman Now A Series Regular On ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’

He’s been a loyal member of the Time Bureau. He’s helped save the Legends. He’s almost gotten them killed. He’s an Apprentice of the Dark Arts. Most importantly, he’s sacrificed his nipples. After all that, he is finally becoming a Legend.

Entertainment Weekly reports that everyone’s favorite Gary, Adam Tsekhman, has been upped to a series regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This all but confirms Gary’s bigger role on the team in Season 6. Considering they’re a bit shorthanded (no spoilers), they can use all of the help that they can get. Plus…who better to battle aliens than Gary?

It sounds like we could be in for a surprise this season when it comes to Gary. The character descripton says, “Season 6 will explore Gary’s origin story. It’s even more bizarre than you would imagine…” No one does bizarre and crazy like the Legends writer’s room, so I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Production on Season 6 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow should be back up and running shortly. Keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW