A New Era Begins In ‘Iron Man 2020’ From Marvel

Now seems like a great time to give Iron Man a fresh start, wouldn't you say?  Granted the comics and movies don't necessarily connect together, but the vibe certainly seems to be there from Marvel fans.  Dan Slott will get to chance to usher in a new era in Iron Man 2020 from Marvel Comics January 15, 2020.  Here is a trailer for the upcoming story:

Along with Slott, Christos Gage and Pete Woods will join the creative team.  As you can see from the trailer, there is a lot to be excited about.  In case you need an official synopsis, here it is straight from Marvel: "The time has come for machinekind to unite and demand equal rights! But not all humans think that A.I.s are worthy and Arno Stark – Iron Man 2020 – is one of them. Will he still fight with all he has against the robot revolution, even as other heroes begin to fill their ranks? Can Arno Stark truly be the Iron Man of the future if he’s on the wrong side of history?"

This isn't the first time Slott has been tasked with taking a classic character in a different direction.  You might remember his run with Superior Spider-Man years ago, where Otto Octavius became the webslinger.  Things definitely seem different this time around, but there is definitely reason for fans to be excited.

Will you be giving Iron Man 2020 a shot?

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics