70s Crime Drama ‘I’m Your Woman’ Trailer & Synopsis

You know that Amazon has some amazing TV series. What you might not realize is that they are putting out some good movies, too. One of their Emmy Award winning stars, Rachel Brosnahan, is leading their latest offering. Check out the trailer for I’m Your Woman.

In the synopsis provided by Amazon, they describe the movie as: “Set in America in the 1970s, I’m Your Woman revolves around Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) who must go on the run with her child due to her husband’s crimes. Their lives become intertwined with a man (Arinzé Kene) and a woman (Marsha Stephanie Blake), forming an unlikely partnership that teaches them more than just how to survive.”

I’m Your Woman is written and directed by Julie Hart. Producer Jason Horowitz also helped in the writing, and Rachel Brosnahan adds producer credits as well. Rounding out the cast are Bill Heck and Frankie Faison. The movie will begin in theaters on December 4th, before it’s December 11th release on Amazon Prime Video.

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